Arizona State Cancels Poker Championship because of the Storm

After only one day of playing, Arizona State Poker Championship was halted due to massive flooding. There was a huge storm that caused a loss of power for thousands in the Phoenix area. This caused the organizers to cancel the State Poker Championship. This was going on at the Talking Stick Resort. 

This $1100 Arizona State Poker championship is one event that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years as a post-World Series of Poker event. This event is attended by a lot of poker players in Western USA. This event was first held in 2005, and since then the tournament has gained popularity and grown double in size. The event has an established prize pool of $1.5 million. The turnout in 2016 saw the participation of 1510 players, and in 2017 1691 players took part in the event. More players were expected in 2018. Some of the players who have cashed big in the event include Kelly Minkin, Joe Kuether, Pat Lyons,  Matt Affleck, Jake Balsiger and Dylan Hortin. 

The 2018 edition of the event was planned to happen between August 10th and 14th. There would be three starting flights and two days of playing down to a champion. The first day did not go as planned with only 553 entrants recorded and 90 advancing. The prize pool had begun to build with $553,000. The area experienced heavy storms which local news termed as a monsoon. The desert locales are poorly equipped to deal with such a storm due to the light amount of rainfall they usually get. 

The casino experienced a blackout at about 2 am after the main power supply, and back-up generators went off. This being the case, all the guests were moved, and the temporary closure procedures were started. Reservations were halted, and all property events were also canceled. One of these events was the poker tournament. Day 1b and Day 1c were canceled. This remained with Day 1a survivors who might play out the remaining part if the casino is reopened. There are no reports about the reopening, but the casino is in no shape to open soon. A new opening date has been said to be August 19th. 

A spokesman from the casino said that a series of storms which continued to 11th August had contributed to this. The fourth storm has made the entire area to flood, and this caused a lot of damage which contributed to the breakdown of the backup generators. There are a host of teams that are working on the clean up as others assess the options available to access power for the reopening plan. 

A lot of poker players have been left displeased due to this calamity, and this has put a lot of them away from the opportunity to compete in the huge prize pool that would have a prize pool reward of more than $1.5 million. As for those who made it through Day 1a will have payouts based on independent chip model (ICM) which means the $553,000 will be split. For players who have reserved seats for Day 1b and Day 1c, they will get refunds at the sister property Casino Arizona. 

For those who did not make it be part of the tournament, they can always try out tournaments at some of the best poker sites where there are fairly huge payouts as well. The good thing is that you can also join the frenzy from the comfort of your house and become part of life-changing jackpots. The good thing about the online sites is that you can enjoy the fun anywhere as long as you have a good internet connection.

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