About PokerForums.org


PokerForums.org is one of the oldest and most active poker forums. With over 16,000 members, 33,000 threads, and over a quarter of a million posts, PFO’s credentials as a poker forum are virtually unmatched. But the statistics only tell half the story; PokerForums.org users also form one of the strongest, tightest-knit, communities in poker, with friendships having been created amidst all of the poker talk and general banter.


The History of PokerForums.org


PokerForums.org was founded in 2004 by “KidRed”, a young poker enthusiast and web designer. During the ensuing “poker Boom”, PokerForums.org turned out to be an alternative for other poker forums; a place where poker players of all levels could talk shop without the stigma and ridicule they received at other poker forums. Over the years the site has helped thousands of burgeoning poker players get their feet wet in the poker world, as the more experienced members offered guidance on topics ranging from strategy to card-room etiquette.


After a few years of stagnation brought on by the changing poker landscape in the US the site was recently sold, and PokerForums.org is now entering a new chapter, and like the rest of the poker world is evolving to meet the needs of today’s players. The new ownership has not only reached out to old PFO members, but they have also implemented some innovative features to bring in new posters, once again making PokerForums.org a cutting edge site, and a viable alternative to other poker forums.


Features at PokerForums.org


  • Get Paid to Post with PFO Points


At PokerForums.org your loyalty and activity on the site is rewarded with PFO Points. PFO Points function much like a VIP Rewards Program at an online poker room; for every post you make you receive 10 PFO Points, these points can then be exchanged in the PFO Shop for cash and prizes.


  • The LIKE Button


When you agree with or find a post helpful on PokerForums.org you can simply click the “Like” button at the bottom of every single post. This feature not only shows you how many likes a specific thread and its individual posts have received, but also which members have liked it.


  • Interactive Online Poker Room Reviews


PokerForums.org is an interactive online poker community where thoughts and opinions are freely exchanged. This is no more evident than with our interactive online poker room reviews, where our members’ thoughts and reviews create a composite score for each poker room.


  • Strategic Partnerships with Poker Rooms, Poker Training Sites, and More


At PokerForums.org we work with the rest of the poker community and have formed multiple strategic partnerships with other poker websites, including poker rooms, poker training sites, poker podcasts and more.  Our mission is to bring the best of the poker world to our members and help promote the game of poker, and through our strategic partnerships we are making this happen.


  • Up to the Minute News and Twitter Feeds


On the right-hand side of the PFO homepage you will find up an up to the minute Twitter feed, following the big names in the poker world, as well as a constantly updated  poker news feed, detailing all of the latest goings on in the poker world.


  • Accessible Moderators and Administrators


PokerForums.org is a family, and unlike other forums we take pride in the fact that our moderators and administrators are valued and longstanding members of the community. You can contact our team via the Private Message feature, or state your ideas, questions, or concerns in the “Comments, Questions, Suggestions” forum.


  • Professional and User Generated Poker Book Reviews and Articles


PokerForums.org features an entire section of user-generated book reviews, as well as links to professional reviews we have found useful. We encourage all of our members to contribute to the site in this way, and help other users make informed decisions about the value of individual poker books.


We also encourage our users to submit written content on a variety of topics that can be added to our Articles pages, or they can create their own blog at the site.


  • Interviews


PokerForums.org has an extensive list of interviews with professional poker players, poker authors, and poker personalities that we have conducted. This list can be found under the Interview tab at the top of the website.

 Poker Resources

We couldn’t make pokerforums.org what it is today without help from other poker and gambling websites. Below are some useful websites.

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