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Virtue Poker release white paper for first Ethereum Poker site.

With the recent explosion of bitcoin and Ethereum, and the rest of the crypto-currencies following close behind, we are close to seeing our first online poker site built using Ethereum.

Companies are currently using Ethereum and ICO’s to launch new products. Easiest way to describe a Ethereum ICO is imagining if Kickstarted and a conventional IPO’s had a love child. The result would be an ICO using Ethereum.

However, before you get to launching an ICO, the first thing is releasing your ‘white paper’. You can think of a ‘white paper’ as your business plan. This is what you plan on doing and how much ethereum you are planning on raising through your ICO, and how you are going to spend that. You will usually list the team behind it, as currently trust is a big thing in the ICO market as Ethereum is decentralised and is unregulated.

This week, Virtue Poker became the first company to release a ‘white paper’ describing there plans on becoming the first decentralised online poker site to launch using Ethereum using an ICO. There is currently no mention of attaching a casino or slots site onto Virtue Poker at the minute, but this could be a possibility in the future. Creating an online casino using Ethereum is also possible. However, you can check out Grande Vegas Online Slots if you are looking a trusted online casino or slots site.

You can read Virtue Pokers full ‘white paper’ by following this link. You can also visit the Virtue Poker website and sign up to receive information Virtue Pokers ICO.

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