The only goal of this page is to make it as easy as possible to download Ignition Poker or more accurately download the poker client at Ignition Casino. Below you will find an easy to follow step by step guide on how to find the Ignition Poker Download, and download it onto your Mac or PC.

If you follow our step by step instructions on how to download the poker client at, you will also receive a 100% first deposit bonus up to $2000.

Step by Step Guide to Downloading Ignition Poker

Step 1. Visit

The very first step before you do anything, is to actually visit Ignition Casino as this is where the Ignition Poker download is kept. Pretty obvious I know. You can use the big Blue Ignition Poker Download button below to visit

We suggest you read the rest of this article or bookmark this page before clicking the blue button, as you will instantly leave this page straight after clicking the Ignition Poker Download button.

Download Ignition Casino Poker

Step 2. Decide to Play Poker

Next you have to locate the Download Poker button at the top left hand corner. The image below should give you an idea where to find it.

Ignition Poker Download

Step 3. Download Ignition Casino Poker Client

Ignition Casino will pick up if you are using a PC or Mac. The image we have used are from the point of view of a Mac user looking to download Ignition Poker. If you are using a PC, the process should be near identical.

You just scroll down a little and you should see the button to download the poker client for Ignition Poker.

Poker Client for Ignition Casino

Step 4. Run the Installer

After you have click the Download for Mac or Download for PC, the Ignition Casino Poker installer should start. Just follow the simple instructions on the screen and you should have Ignition Poker downloaded in no time.

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Step 5. Sign Up

After you have downloaded Ignition Poker, the first thing that should load is a sign up or sign in page on the screen. This is the point where you sign up if you haven’t already as you won’t be able to continue without an Ignition Casino account.

Download Ignition Casino Poker

Step 6. Deposit and get Welcome Bonus

All that is left now is to decide how much you want to deposit. Its important to remember if you have followed all the steps and used the Ignition Poker download buttons on this page you will receive an 100% bonus on your first deposit. So we recommend making your first deposit a good one, as you can upto $2000 in bonuses on this deposit.

Ignition Poker

100% upto $1000

Ignition Casino is still a very good site and this is especially true for American players. There are a lot of features that can be customized and the ability to play in anonymous mode can be very helpful for beginners. The welcome bonus is quite generous and the Weekly Boost just adds to the value