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PokerForums.org Welcomes FloatTheTurn into our Community

PokerForums.org is pleased to announce we are now the official forum home for FloatTheTurn.com!

This partnership between FloatTheTurn.com and PokerForums.org will bring together two passionate and thriving poker communities, creating the best poker strategy forum on the Internet.

PokerForums.org members will gain access to exclusive FloattheTurn.com videos, and be able to engage in discussions with Jonathan Little and other instructors from FloatTheTurn.com.

Claim Your Free 1-Month Membership to FloatTheTurn


We want everyone here at PokerForums.org to experience firsthand what it’s like to be a member of FloatTheTurn.com.

That’s why we have made arrangements for all of our members to get a free 1-month membership to FloatTheTurn.com!

This offer expires on October 31, 2012.

To claim your free 1-month membership to FloatTheTurn, simply log in to your PokerForums.org account during the month of October.  If you don’t have a PokerForums.org account yet, simply click on the large “Join Now” button below to create your free account.


After you log in to your PokerForums.org account, check your inbox that you registered at PokerForums.org with, and follow the instructions to claim your free 1-month membership to FloatTheTurn.

About FloatTheTurn.com

FloatTheTurn.com is the preeminent online poker training site for Multi-Table Tournaments (MTT’s) and Sit & Go Tournaments (S&G’s).  FloatTheTurn.com boasts a video library of 570 online poker training videos, with new videos added each month.

FloatTheTurn.com was founded by two-time World Poker Tour Champion Jonathan Little, who acts as the site’s lead instructor.

Members of FloatTheTurn also get to attend two live coaching webinars each month, one of which is hosted by Jonathan Little.  When it comes to bang for your buck there is simply no other online poker training site that can match FloattheTurn.com.

[Sneak Peek at FloattheTurn.com Videos]


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