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Why should I play WOW Classic or normal

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I truly think if they can unite the leveling encounter of with the end game of Retail, we would have a great version of World of Warcraft. Of course I did choose probably one of the worst classes for ancient WOW Classic endgame, with Warlock, at least with the release of Zul'gurub I will be able to craft the Bloodvine collection and collect enough Spell Hit% equipment to really hit stunt directors (the term"Fight" makes me angry, lol).

I'm only. I'm hoping to get there this time although I have never managed to have deep into end game. My main complaints about retail is a lot of stuff I fell in love with in Vanilla & BC. What I mean by that is the sense of scale and experience was lost, factions and the courses became super homogenized. They had a lot of cities and zones but the two factions are at war with each other. It never made much sense.

This last expansion did some good stuff with both factions using their own"home continent" using their quest hubs on the contrary factions set up as outposts that you have to maintain in enemy land. Warlords of Draenor had a means with Ashran being the significant cities of a giant PVP battle separating them along with the growth of splitting the factions. It's a true shame that you don't have to spend more time outside in the planet doing things apart from World Quests (daily quests) and picking Herbs at max degree in Retail WoW, because they do a really good job world construction for this planet to not really matter in the long run.

Solo PvE content once you got to level 60 was almost moot and Battlegrounds were an unbalanced mess. I just had some some fun during the weekly raids with my guild, but came at the cost of all the dull gold grinding needed to pay for the raid consumables (all heavily inflated by a lot of botters) just to watch myself not getting loot for more than a week due to raidlocks, poor RNG or a limited quantity of gear having to be dispersed among many WOW players. In the long run I realized I was paying a monthly subscription just to acquire some satisfaction two or three days a month, so not worth it whatsoever.

Why should I play or normal.

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I would recommend WOW Classic but it depends - do you have plenty of time to spare?

I must say though, the community on my server is pretty awesome. I’d like to think it’s made up of mostly 30+ year olds who played Vanilla WoW and quit down the line (I played from 2004 to about 2015 at WoD. Came back for a month at Legion and stopped completely) - I’ve experienced a lot more camraderie and patience compared to the WoW that I left.

When I hit 40 and was grinding for gold to get my mount (I had just over 50g and needed 85g to buy it), I was invited to a random group to help “summon” someone. I was rewarded 5g and said “thanks! this will really help towards buying my mount”. The guy asked how much more I needed and dropped the remaining 30g on me.

Just yesterday some random guy whispered me “how much does it cost to buy a mount?” He said he still needed 40g, and so I passed it to him, about half of what I had. I told him this story and if he was willing, “to pass it on”.

I think many people did miss the socialising that disappeared as WoW got older. There was an expectation that if you wanted to socialize, join a guild. That shouldn’t even be necessary - making jokes in PUGs and laughing off wipes is part of the WoW experience for me.

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Just yesterday some random guy whispered me “how much does it cost to buy a mount?

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