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Thread: 4donk.com Poker

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    Default 4donk.com Poker

    4donk.com is a multi platform room, meaning that registering only 1 account you will be able to play on 6 different poker rooms.
    If you want to know more about that read this article: link
    All the poker room are fine but i want to talk about one in particular, Venice Live is called.
    You can download it here, and you will also need Adobe Air

    4 Euro no deposit Promotion

    Every new registered player can apply for the 4 Euro Bonus. You just need to send an email to promotions@yoogaming.com telling them that you've opened a new account on 4donk.com and tell them your username and attach pictures of your ID/passport and and proof of address (bank statement/Recent Utility Bill).
    But remember, no multiple accounts are allowed.

    Cash Games

    Venice Live doesn't have many online users, there are usually about 100~ users online everyday. In comparison with PokerStars which have about 220.000 people online you would be like "Wow!". But think about cash games, the key of cash games is knowing your opponent, so the less players the better you'll get to know their play styles.

    You can't really play at 20 tables at once, but i think that cash game is meant to be play at few tables, 2-3 max, so you can observe your opponents.
    So here on Venice when you sit down at a table, you will know most of the players there, and those who you don't recognize are casual players and guess what, they are waiting to give you their money.
    Even though there are few tables to choose from, there are at least 2 tables for each limit, so no matter what your bankroll is, you will find a seat.


    Another thing I want to point out about this poker room that might be of interest to starting players on their way to build a decent bankroll is that it has the best freerolls. I've played on most platforms, and every platform boasts with their promotions and with their freerolls, when actually are a piece of crap. They have $100 dollars freerolls but there are 5000 people registered. So what real chances have you got to win a significant amount of that prize?
    Well here are currently 4 freerolls each day of 50 and 25 Euro. But to be able to play in the first 3 freerolls you have to make a weekly rake of 4 euro, which is not hard accomplish.
    So you have 4 freerolls with about 100~ people registered, and most of them are not even playing, which makes it even easier to get in the money.
    A year ago there were 10 freerolls everyday, after that they reformatted them and made 6 everyday but with bigger prizes, and after that they removed them completely. And now they brought back 4 freerolls. So who knows, maybe they'll have again 10 per day.


    I'm not really a fan of multi table tournaments, but I should mention this for those who are.
    On Venice there are a lot of Guaranteed Tournaments, with prizepools guaranteed for 100 people, but only 20-30 register. So the winners will get far more money that they would get in a normal tournament. The downside is you have unlimited rebuys for an hour and can make add-ons. So people can rebuy and addon and make more chips than you would make playing a good tournament strategy.


    You can play SNG too on Venice but you'll be lucky if you do, because players here usually play cash games and tournaments.

    Skill level of the players

    Most of the players here are calling stations, or fish if you will. They are the kind of players that will pay you with any pair, even at higher stakes.
    My advice is to play tight, cuz when you do get a hand at least 1, if not 2 guys will pay you up. ( Yeah that's right this the place where you will often see 3-4 guys go allin )

    The bottom line is that Venice is the place where cash games really pay out, where Holdem Manager really works for his money.
    So beginner or high roller, don't hesitate to give Venice a try.
    If you do decide to give it a try, register here
    Good luck!

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    Never tried it, but it seems like a dumb idea. I don't get why someone would join 4donk to play on 6 sites, and not just join those 6 sites.
    Last edited by bauss; June 17th, 2012 at 12:57 PM.

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