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The Pikachar Files, episode 2

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Hey PFO!

Last installment was how I received this horrible name, that stuck with me through the ages like herpes simplex 2. So let's do something original... Let's remake this episode at Pikachar: Origins of the "infamous" 5-Bet... Well let's not and say we did.

So what to blog about? I'll fill you in on some of my history of start to the begging of enlisting in the US Army, shall we?

So during High School, and beginning of College I've had some killer jobs, I won't try to bore you ad nauseum. First off I worked in manual labor, with a side of auto racing... yes auto racing. You want to know what killed that reality? I was in a race, took a hairpin too fast, flipped on my head and rode upside down for about 200 feet. Not fun stuff. For the manual labor, I did work construction for a while. It was easy money, making $100 an hour doing heating and air. So that was some easy cash... but the real question is why did you stray from that line?

Easy, College was coming up, so I had to quit. Being an ex-Football player was cool, being a former go kart racer was also cool... Playing video games, and DJing was even better. I got into video games when I went to my first LAN party, and I believe I told you about my 1st two experiences of those in my "episode 1." So how did LAN parties expand to cooler jobs? Well I did end up traveling all of Indiana, Illinois, and southern Michigan looking for FPS tournaments that paid cash, prizes, or whatever after upgrading my rig. It was good money, between the pickup games, Nvidia tossed free clothing at us, and ebay helped pay the gas/food bills. That wasn't enough. So I dabbled in radio. WVRH was the station in College that gave me a shot, so I took it. I played mostly R&B, and Techno... I did DJ live a few times, and had a blast. Coolest thing, I have an award I still carry to this day.

So I guess who does the US Army fit in this equation? Well simple. I was in college had ~$50K in debt already, President Bush announced the war with Iraq, and I had some girl issues. Yes girl issues. Since the first two are almost 100% easy to explain, why not dive into the fun part of Pika had problems at the plate??

So this leads me into the axiom, "In the poker game of life, women are the rake." It was true then, still remains true today, and will be true for the next 16 years (My daughter is 2 years old as I type this). I had an ex (no-duh), that thought i was sleeping with another girl. At the time of accusation, it was not happening. Once the breakup was complete, then both said parties did start sleeping with each other... hey it was the original ex's idea! That was another horrible mistake. Complicated with someone bullshitting with another person, long story short, she thought I was cheating, I was not... Lesson learned, never let someone user your laptop ever... Then I met my wife. Cliffs, we're married today... the end (for 6 years)

How does that gem fit into enlisting in the Army though, seems like you tap danced around it... Ok here you go!

The reasons why I joined in the first place, in the order of highest concern to lowest...
A) I wanted to go to Iraq (I remember the Gulf war, and wanted to go there)
B) I was ~$50K in debt (funny Army story will come later)
C) I had a GF that was becoming a fiancee, and I wanted to make money, not waste life away (notice this dissolved before i left for boot camp)
D) I now was single, and didn't care.

So being a techno weenie, why did you go medical, and become a combat medic?? Simple... look at reason #4 above and take a stab at what i did. I closed my eyes, pointed randomly at a piece of paper, and boom, 91W combat medic is what my finger hit.

Real question is, do I regret anything at all in my timeline?

Tune into "episode 3" for more clarity, and what I shall jokingly call "Pikachar: Return of the flops"
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