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The Pikachar Files, episode 1

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It's not one of my strong suits, but hey I might actually write something worthwhile. So let's call this "the Pikachar" files.

One of the main questions I've gotten from time to time, from all walks of life is why the name Pikachar? I mean it completely does not fit at all. Look at my demographic. I'm a 30 year old male, married, and with a daughter too young to even get the concept of watching cartoons or playing card games.

So let's take a trip back down memory lane when I was getting paid to play video games (hey it did pay for the beer and gas). Way back when I loved parties that involved kegs. I usually was the guy running around looking for garbage cans and getting 100+ lbs of ice. So the nickname Iceman stuck for a long time. Well I went to my first LAN party in 2001 with this P2 266 train wreck of a computer. Well needless to say I felt the need to instantly upgrade, and that's what I did. I also wanted to case mod this thing with a red, blood red, paint job, and cut a window. Well when I got the case, it was PINK. Really pink. I did cut the window out, sound proof it, back lit it... but to no prevail, someone at the next LAN party did say, "Hey John, nice pikachu lunchbox there buddy."

That was the start to a PH gorilla tilt session, that involved me walking out, smoking a cigarette, then coming back to my computer tower having a big pikachu sticker stuck to the side of it. That did not go well, the cigarette lighter came out... sticker started looking crispy, and someone else said, "Look the pikachu lunchbox got charred. A big pika-char." So I then snap changed my name while playing Counter Strike from Iceman -> pikachu -> pikachar. That name stuck for the past 11 years. Some people call me pika instead of John, in real life.

Minus that, I guess we shall wait until episode 2... might as well drag it out like Howard did.

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  1. Cory Wilkins's Avatar
    I was wondering how you got that name... now I know.
  2. pikachar's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Cory Wilkins
    I was wondering how you got that name... now I know.
    A very sad day in my life.... now I'm known as a yellow Pokemon, and not even something cool like barney, or even Dr Octavius