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Cory Wilkins

My first blog on PokerForums.org

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Hello new friends and old friends from Float the turn.

Everytime I join a new poker forum that offers a blog option, I make a promise to actually do one and keep it up. I generally, like most poker players, have less followthrough than I hoped for and write between 2 and 5 and never think about it again. So, here's another attempt at sticking with it and blogging throughout my time here on PokerForums.org.

I guess the first thing I'll do is give you a little information about me that's a little more detailed than my bio in my profile. Well, in case you hadn't guessed, my name is Cory, I'm 30 years old living in San Diego. I was born and raised in New Hampshire, so come winter time I truly appreciate the southern California climate.

I was born nearly totally blind, but my parents never let me use that as an excuse, I chopped firewood for our woodstove in the winters, went to public school, was captain of my highschool wrestling team, so don't fuck with me, lol and have worked in the music business since before highschool graduation.

I've had the good luck to play in some really cool bands, my last CD was the winner of 3 LA Music Awards and I'm currently working on some original songs that I plan to send to Nashville to be published and with a little luck, recorded by a well know artist.

Still, with all that, music doesn't pay very well. I didn't discover poker through the normal avenue of people my age, I didn't even know poker was on TV when Moneymaker took down the 2003 main event. I've always liked games and unfortunately, games available to the blind are few, expensive and generally poorly developed. You can get a deck of playing cards for $2, I can get a deck with braille so I can play too for $12.

I was bored at home one night and searched the web for games that were blind accessible and I came across a site that offered different card games. They had a hold 'em game, just for play money chips, I had heard of poker, but more 7 stud and 5 card draw, but hold 'em looked fun so I began playing for chips. I wasn't very good and I hate losing, so I took a couple of weeks to read everything I could about strategy and poker theory, then went back on the website and started taking everybody's chips.

I think I played my first real money hand in the summer of 2005 and for a long time was a serious recreational player. Better than average, probably not good enough to beat players and rake long term. Pre black friday I used to say I've never had to reload an on line acount, I had never made a withdrawal either, so there's break-even if you've ever seen it. At some point in mid 2011, playing live the game really started to click for me. One of those moments where at one point you're a good player and the next moment your game is at a whole new level.

Last November I began playing cash games full-time, starting at $1/$2NL, moving up to $1/$3NL and then $2/$5NL with some occasional $8/$16 or $20/$40LHE thrown in for good measure.

I have just recently signed up on lock poker with a $500 deposit and I'll keep you posted as to how that goes. My screen name is minstrel-55 and I'll probably be playing quite a few sessions at the $20NL games there for now.

Time to end this book, thanks for reading and hopefully I'll be back to write again within the next week.


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  1. Steve R's Avatar
    Interesting story, I hope you keep your blog updated