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Micro online poker question

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by , September 16th, 2012 at 07:52 PM (3277 Views)

I'm new to this and have been playing micro stakes for several months - very frustrating for all the obvious reasons. My question is: if I move from the smallest micro tables up to, say, .25 / .50 tables, I can see the players/flop % is much lower. Am I likely, using the good technique and concepts I've learned from Brunson and Lee Jones, for example, to have a better game and avoid the ridiculous loose play of the smallest tables? Do I need to go to a higher table to find a more serious game, where the suck-outs are less frequent and solid play is more likely to succeed?
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  1. Peterpetrovski's Avatar
    It is true that people can make tighter and better folds higher up they can also make more aggressive bluffs etc too. However you miss out on a tonne of value when you raise with ak and don't get called by KQ in the 50 nl game with the same frequency.

    Its true there are plays that can be more workable vs non calling stations but there are also more tough spots too. Also bad players still exist at these levels who will ramp your variance up also. I looked on my poker cash graph and I noticed my profit was low and I was running 10-12 bi under EV. Now if I was playing higher becuase of hand reading and aggression I would probably be showing a loss due to this ev line because of not playing correctly in pots with difficult decisions to be made. Basically put its much easier to play correctly against the lower staked players and whereas a player higher up is adaptable and makes many less basic mistakes a lower down player can be exploited time and time again in the same way. More simply put variance isn't nice but its worth it for extra value or otherwise put only move up slowly using strict BRM not before.
  2. bluegarage's Avatar
    Generally speaking: No. and no. IMO!