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I'm back after a looong while.New challenge that I actually plan on sticking with:D

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So yeah I have played very little poker during the last few months,mostly because of school. I have played some casual live games with friends and some sit&go's online but that has been about it.However last weekend I got a cool idea for a long term challenge that I started on Pokerstars.

Basically I started with just a 100$ bankroll and will do my very best to grind it up during the next 1.5 years,or until I graduate from school.I haven't set an end goal yet but I'm going for at least 10 000$+.I got motivated to do this from Andre Coimbra's 100$ to 100k in a year challenge.He didn't get to 100k but still he made it to about 70 which is still very impressive.

He has a blog on every step of the challenge and it's so helpful to read about his experiences on what to do and what not to do,especially regarding bankroll management.So last weekend I played just 50 cent 90 mans and 180 mans.163 games total and my bankroll is at $183,69Almost doubling the roll is obviously a great start but I'll stick to the 50 cent games until I get over 200$,at which point I'll move to 1$ games and see how it goes from there.Also I'm probably going to post some hands on here and get involved on the forum.This is definitely the best poker forum I've ever been on and I'm sure my game will get sharper from getting your feedback.

I'm also posting some info on the challenge on my twitter account, @OsagieCosagie

Until then good luck to everyone at the tables
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  1. Steve R's Avatar
    welcome back
  2. Cilentkiller's Avatar